spring 3.2, mobile detect

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dev-tool  : sts
spring - version 3.2.x

when i use spring-mobile-device then  
error ocured fallowing
"Could not instantiate bean class [org.springframework.mobile.device.Device]: Specified class is an interface] with root cause"

i try to solved this problem , 
example : https://spring.io/guides/gs/device-detection/ 

same error occoured..

 .. search and more .. google...

1.  pom.xml <-- inject to dependency


2. web.xml  <--add  filter config

<!--device filter_start() -->
 <!--device filter_end() -->

3. using like this ... (controller)
 if( DeviceUtils.getCurrentDevice(request).isMobile() ||  DeviceUtils.getCurrentDevice(request).isTablet() ){
   model.addAttribute("is_mobile", true);
   model.addAttribute("is_mobile", false);

2015/01/07 11:39 2015/01/07 11:39
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