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  1. 2010/12/27 visualp 핸드커서 , IE / FF 공통 사용
  2. 2010/02/24 visualp css, use hand curosr
를 사용 하면 IE/FF 에서 모두 표시 됩니다.
2010/12/27 12:22 2010/12/27 12:22
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css, use hand curosr

Htm&Javascript RSS Icon ATOM Icon 2010/02/24 09:42 visualp

Note on pointer and hand

In the past the hand value was Microsoft's way of saying pointer; and IE 5.0 and 5.5 only support hand. Because it's the cursor value that's used most often, most other browsers have also implemented hand.

Since IE 6 and 7 support pointer, there's no more reason to use hand, except when older IEs are part of your target audience. In that case, the only cross-browser syntax is:

element {
	cursor: pointer;
	cursor: hand;
2010/02/24 09:42 2010/02/24 09:42
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